What a gift! MaryAnne has the magic touch! I came to her with lower back issues and she was able to supportively stretch me to ease my limitations. She was thouroughly aware of both my tight and loose areas and worked them each appropriately. I highly recommend her Thai massage services, You'll love her!


 “I received a Thai Massage from MaryAnne and it was a delightful and relaxing experience. She was warm and inviting from our first encounter and the room she had was comfortable. I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders so she focused on those areas for me. 

I left the massage feeling thoroughly pampered. I was extremely relaxed and the tightness in my neck was gone. 

I had such a wonderful experience with MaryAnne and eagerly await doing it again”


I started seeing MaryAnne at a time when my life was in turmoil. I knew very little about Reiki but I knew I trusted MaryAnne implicitly. I’m so grateful for MaryAnne’s gift. She has helped me feel stronger and clearer making room for me to move forward. Thank you MaryAnne for everything. I look forward to continuing to work with you. 

‘So , I never had Thai massage. I had a bunch of stiff joints and a sore shoulder . Maryanne stretched and massaged each area of concern . Voila! The next day it had all loosened up. Run, don’t walk to book an appointment with Maryanne !’

Maryanne is an intuitive and caring healer.  I have been to her for both Reiki and Thai Massage, and always leave feeling refreshed, looser and wonderfully relaxed.

Thank you, Maryanne!

Anne Fullerton

I have been struggling with chronic pain for years. I was receiving weekly Thai massage treatments from MaryAnne when I was living in Canada. Unfortunately, I had to move back to Europe, but for the last three months of my stay I had been getting regular treatments from MaryAnne. Thanks to her treatments, I reached levels of bodily relaxation and pain reduction I had never experienced since the insurgency of my chronic pain. I have tried other Thai massage therapists but I have experienced no beneficial results. I guess the difference with MaryAnne is that she harmonizes the massage to the patient’s breathing in order to maximize bodily relaxation. I highly recommend Thai massage with MaryAnne to people with chronic pain.

Elio Viglione

I have been seeing MaryAnne for Thai Massage and Reiki for over a year as often as possible . She is amazingly skilled at relieving chronic pain from my damaged muscles caused by long-standing injuries , and my sciatica and neck and shoulder pain . Having had the experience of various types of massage and treatment over the years , I can absolutely attest to receiving far more benefit from MaryAnne than from any other practitioner or modality . For survivors of interpersonal violence, it is also highly important to point out that she is always careful to explain each step of the treatment , and to ask for consent before proceeding , carefully respecting boundaries . Even more noteworthy is the fact that her outstanding practical skills are immeasurably enhanced by her interpersonal kindness and sensitivity . She truly listens to the client , and always responds with empathy and supportiveness . She truly creates a safe space in which to receive the benefits of her treatments . For myself personally , it is also of enormous significance that MaryAnne also works in the community with Centres and agencies that help survivors . I wholeheartedly recommend MaryAnne's highly skillful work , compassion , and intuitively empathetic abilities .

Kit Breland