My Story

I am an enthusiastic, passionate, holistic healer. As an Empath, I am able to feel others emotional state of being.  This gift allows me to connect with others easily and form trusting relationships. I like to be able to offer my clients creative solutions for healing. In addition to Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki,  I offer meditations, breathwork practices and energetic exercises all designed to bring balance back to the body. Yoga, meditation and breathwork have been instrumental in guiding me towards my career as a Reiki Master and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner.  Having an active lifestyle taught me the value of receiving regular bodywork in order to prevent repetitive strain injury.

My clients often comment on how relaxed and comfortable they feel with me, both upon first meeting and during a session. Communication and active listening are key in establishing a trusting relationship between myself and my clients. ​

I believe in the values of cooperation, interdependence, connection and community. Some of my volunteer work includes preparing and serving community suppers to those less fortunate, and the Toronto Rape Crisis Center/Multicultural Women Against Rape have graciously given me the opportunity to provide free Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage to service users and front line workers . These acts of service have shown me the great impact that small gestures can have on people's lives. These experiences have been, and continue to be, incredibly rewarding and I look forward to doing more of the same there in future.  

 I work out of Health Haven at 568 St.Clair Avenue in Toronto


I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to healing.​

With love and light,