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Usui Reiki Level 1- Shoden- Beginner

It is both my privilege and honour to offer Reiki Level 1- Shoden in the Usui tradition. Shoden marks the beginning of a students journey of self-discovery with Reiki. This course is unique in that it runs for 3 days and takes place over 3 weekends. This gives students more time to grasp and gain an understanding of new concepts and to formulate questions and receive feedback. This is especially important during the 21 day self cleansing process in which students practice Reiki on themselves daily. 

Course Description

- The History of Reiki

- Reiki defined

- The Reiki Principles

- 12 Positions for self treatment

- 21 day clearing process assignment

- Guided meditation for grounding and cleansing your energy field

- Energy cleansing using Kenyoku-Ho

( deep abdominal breathing )

-Hatsurei-Ho ( breathing exercise )

-Joshin Koky-Ho (  deep abdominal breathing )

-Series of 4 Level 1 attunements

-Ethics and guidelines for treating others

Course dates: TBA

Please contact me to find out about courses being offered as I am trying to gauge interest. 

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